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Bullies, Broken Wings,
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Pierce the Silence
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Everyone has a story...let me share mine today!

About Me:
C. Hope

Holy Cow! The book is an international best seller!!!

What the readers have said...

...an inspirational comeback story. She brilliantly explains how your past struggles do not have to be your present situation. With faith, prayer and a bullhorn, you can be an advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves as well as being your own cheerleader! Her story and suggestions are impactful and I will definitely apply these action steps to ignite my own faith! 

This story brought up so many memories of my childhood and my children’s lives. Being silenced by people who don’t look like me, talk like me, or understand...They have no idea how hard it is to keep our wings on the guided path the Lord has set. 

...truly speaks the truism that we are the sum total of all of our experiences. The writer takes us on her journey of heartbreak, confusion, invisibility, to triumph with prayer and faith at the center of her life. There are lessons for all of us in the passages of this account. 

Very compelling. I thought it was interesting how the faith you drew on as a child was the same type of faith that you had to demonstrate with your own children. Being the bullhorn for them propelled you into even using the bullhorn for some of your own situations.  It's no accident the path you have traveled. 

OH MY GOD! You are a gift to the universe. I understand you and your mouth more than ever! WHAT A STORY! I am even encouraged by a lot of what your wrote. 

She writes with such beautiful color and texture, it was hard not to be right there in the story with her. When you give voice to children who don't have one, you can truly impact generations of disenfranchised children.

You just have to read the story to find out more! Just the mere essence and existence of her story and each of these vulnerable, raw, and transparent stories was enough to ignite my faith
(as the book says! ) - mission accomplished! There is something that truly happens within you at a soul level when you read about others experiences and how they overcame! It's the empowerment we need today in this broken and fragile world!

Highly recommend this read!

The story Bullies, Broken Wings, and a Bullhorn is a good read. C.Hope takes us on a journey on how faith pushed her through to advocacy. The tips shared are great! 

C. Hope is a described as a social activist, but she's simply a mother who aspires to see cultures changed to where all are accepted with their differences.  She brings awareness to our truths through her writings, among other activities.